Beginning of 2018 SEAFRIGO NORDIC will open the first logistic center in Sweden. It will be one of the most modern facility for temperature controlled 3PL on the market. Temperature and humidity control in three separate areas, full ceiling height and the latest technology for energy recovery, we have the ability to handle the most demanding operations.

The facility will in the first phase have a capacity for 15,000 pallets and have a 2000 sqm cooler adapted for e-commerce. Besides the cooler (+ 2 ° C) and freezer (-24 ° C) there is also an area that is controlled ambient (+15 ° C) for storage of chocolate and other temperature-sensitive products. Of course, loading and unloading areas are also temperature controlled with docks allowing the truck to position without opening the doors in order to minimize energy losses and maintain a high level of food safety.

The warehouse management system (WMS) is operated and developed by Seafrigo. It allows us to quickly adapt the system to the customer’s needs and not vice versa.


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