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Seafrigo group is family owned logistics company relying on its highly qualified teams of freight specialists to ensure a sustainable growth.

Seafrigo’s teams work every day to improve our services reliability, flexibility and performance. Our acknowledged expertise and an outstanding quality of service give us a strong reputation on the food logistics and shipping market.

Our 1200 employees are working in 80 different trades such as logistics agent, sales, IT, team manager etc. By joining SEAFRIGO group, you choose to take with us the challenges of tomorrow’s logistics.

Our commitments :

  • Enabling our employee’s personal and professional fulfillment by focusing on professional training and skills development.
  • Invest on the long term by fostering internal promotions. We pay great attention and value our employees’ evolution desires inside the group.
  • We put a focus on promoting autonomy and accountability. We value our employees’ personal and collective initiatives inside and outside the group.
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